So. You’re starving. Figuratively.

Ordering a pizza has never been simpler. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could google a recipe for original Italian dough, put on a Youtube-tutorial, skype with a college friend from Rome, remotely set the right temperature, instagram your freshly made pizza and post a witty article about the newfound ease of Italian pizzacraft on your lifestyle blog. Congratulations. New media has made you an expert on baked goods and while you’re munching on thinly sliced goodness, arguing politics on twitter you come accross a hashtag. #NOTJUSTANUMBER And suddenly, from the comfort of your home, within the dozing smell of molten cheese, you’re thrust into the lives and afterimages of those who went loudly and are remembered in silence.


LITTO / Daniela Weiss
located in Vienna & the metaverse

My shadowed identity led me to arts.

Growing up as an identical twin, I always felt my mirrored face was not a real representation of myself and my identity. And there is more to explore behind that face.
My research deals with the gap that connects the physical realm and our imagination.
In my virtual world rules are undefined and perception is twisted, places become active identities, identities become blurred and time glitches away.

My artistic practice uses a multi-disciplinary approach, utilizing programming and 3d design tools to create the virtual worlds, mirrors, cameras and a gimbal to connect them with reality.