Fake Mirror

How do we perceive our own self in a digitised reflected reality?

Fake Mirror reacts to the multichannel reflections of our real identity in the digital world and to the growing trend of enhancing ourselves in virtual space. Hr. Litto is a fake character created by an AI, based on a dataset created using the male portrait drawing of Mr. Michael Horsky. An artifact of a performance that took place during the exhibition series TheSystem - Yppenplatz5 2020.
It is a 3D construction of an AI generated face, derived from a portrait drawing.



I construct installative objects in the form of interactive VR and AR experiences, turning the beholder into the performer.
From my perspective, these objects are virtual as well as physical references, making it impossible to distinguish between real, virtual and imaginary realities.
The mirror is a continuous symbol in my work, reflecting this perspective.