Type III: Iterations

Photo: Oliver Hoelzl

"Type III: Iterations" records the process stages of this painting over seven years.

The temporal units of the painting process
(canvas on oil) have been documented digitally and manifested as virtual artifacts, taking the form of videos and 3d sculptures.

The work is both success and failure, the motive halfway discarded.
It is a living act consisting of frustration and pleasure.

By documenting and storing the intermediate steps of the painting, the time component becomes a crucial part of this work series. Lined up snapshots become narrative, actors emerge, become carriers of the whole story, just to leave their position again and again until they fade away.

Exhibited at:

Artificial Museum

Sandkasten Syndikat




I construct installative objects in the form of interactive VR and AR experiences, turning the beholder into the performer.
From my perspective, these objects are virtual as well as physical references, making it impossible to distinguish between real, virtual and imaginary realities.
The mirror is a continuous symbol in my work, reflecting this perspective.