Type III: Iterations

Photo: Oliver Hoelzl

"Type III: Iterations" records the process stages of this painting over seven years.

The temporal units of the painting process
(canvas on oil) have been documented digitally and manifested as virtual artifacts, taking the form of videos and 3d sculptures.

The work is both success and failure, the motive halfway discarded.
It is a living act consisting of frustration and pleasure.

By documenting and storing the intermediate steps of the painting, the time component becomes a crucial part of this work series. Lined up snapshots become narrative, actors emerge, become carriers of the whole story, just to leave their position again and again until they fade away.

Exhibited at:

Sandkasten Syndikat


see AR @artificialmuseum.com

NFT @opensea


LITTO / Daniela Weiss
*1984, Vienna

In Litto's virtual world, rules are undefined, rites are reversed and perception is twisted, places participate as players, identities become blurred and time glitches away.

Her art research deals with the intersections between the physical, virtual and imaginative worlds. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach, utilizing analogue skills, programming and 3d art to create immersive experiences.

Individual participation in Exhibitions/Festivals/Conferences (selected)
2022 »FaceMirror«, Hybrid Biennale, Hellerau, Dresden, Germany
2022 »Hr. Litto: speaking«, CIVA Festival, Belvedere 21, Vienna, Austria
2021 »MirroredSpaces«, ARS Electronica, Linz, Austria
2021 »ArtificialMuseum«, Places VR Festival 2021, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
2021 »MirroredSpaces«, Angewandte Festival / University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
2021 »RealMirror«, In the Kitchen, Medienwerkstatt, Vienna, Austria
2020 Gallerie Frewein-Kazakbaev, Vienna, Austria
2020 »Vorspiel« Navigieren im Postdigitalen, Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, Vienna, Austria
2019 »Kostprobe?«, Roboexotica 2019, Vienna, Austria
2019 »RealMirror«, Klangmanifeste, Echoräume, Vienna, Austria
2019 HACKIDC Digital Art Exhibition 2019 IDC Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
2019 »Translation of Complexity«, Solo Exhibition, Reindorfgassen Fest, Sound:frame, Improper Walls, Vienna, Austria
2019 »Vorspiel« Performance, Schwelle 7, Vienna, Austria
2019 »Real Mirror«, Glowing Globe, Gallery KORTIL, Rijeka, Croatia
2019 ON Public Gallery SEE Djerba, Tunisia
2019 »RealMirror 2.0«, Angewandte Festival / University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
2019 »RealMirror 2.0«, ANIMAFEST, Zagreb, Croatia
2019 International Student Film Festival, Beit Hashanti Gala Exhibition, Negev Desert, Israel
2019 PARTISANEN, Villa Schapira, Max-Emanuel-Strasse 17, 1180 Vienna, Austria
2018 »RealMirror«, FuckReality, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Digital Art, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
2018 Vienna Design Week, Burggasse 98, Vienna, Austria
2018 Chengdu Creativity & Design Week, Chengdu, China
2018 Bangkok Art And Culture Centre (Bacc), Bangkok, Thailand
2017 »Restricted Area #17«, SightSeeing Company & UsusKreativkollektiv

Co-Organized Exhibitions
2022 »Electro-Esoteric Avatare Seance«, CIVA Festival, Belvedere 21, Vienna, Austria
2021 »Movement«, ArtificialMuseum, PIXFilmGallery, Toronto, Canada
2021 »Opposition«, Medienwerkstatt, Vienna, Austria
2020 »The System« Phase 1, Yppenplatz, Vienna, Austria (funded by KOER)

2022 Hellerau, Dresden, Germany
2021 Dialogfelder Eins, Klub Solitär e.V., Chemnitz Germany
2017 Austrian Days in Gdansk – Sopot – Gdynia, Gdansk Poland

2017 - 2022 artistic practice in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Three.js, Blender 3D, Touch Designer
2010 - 2017 User Experience and Web Design, Freelancing: Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna
clients: Do&Co, Wimmer Beton, NTRY Ticketing, Wien Extra, Carsten Gerhards, Fortunes, Usus KreativKollektiv, Edenspiekermann, Virtual Identity.

2021-2022 Experimental Game Cultures, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
2016 - 2022 Digital Art, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
2012 Graduation Communication Design, Die Graphische, Vienna, Austria
2009 Graduation Business Administration at Business University (Mag), Vienna, Austria